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» Douz is a village in southern Tunisia. Its location at the foot of the great dunes of the desert earned the title of “Gate of the Sahara”. Douz dives into the expanse of the desert, between the sand dunes, like a green island on a sea of golden sand. The spectacle of its natural landscape is fascinating.
People in Douz continue to wear the tunics of the semi-nomadic peoples of the sahara. They are welcoming and peaceful. In contact with them, we discover the deep attachment to the customs of their ancestors. This brand image, oh how much preserved, is striking on the Thursday of every week, the day of the weekly market.
We discover in the stalls real artistic masterpieces of crafts: dromedary skins, Berber jewelry, Saharan clothes, sandals and slippers in goat leather …
In December, Douz organizes the Sahara festival for the all public who comes from everywhere on a tourist pilgrimage. The festivities are organized in the public square. Everyone has direct access to the typical aspects of traditional Saharan life: parades of Bedouin clothes and Saharan tunics, reproductions of processions of traditional weddings accompanied by musical troupe and Bedouin songs. Horse-racing, camel fighting, leveraging and fantasy shows are organized for the occasion.
Douz is also the crossroads between oases, dunes of Grand Erg Oriental and Chott-El-Jerid. It is the ideal starting point for Méharées and Safaris.

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